Pole Climber

All of our products have passed type test by the Quality Surveillance Inspection Center for Electrical Safety Tools and Apparatuses of Electric Power Industry and appraisal at departmental and provincial levels.
  • Concrete Pole Climber

    Concrete Pole Climber

    Pole climber is a professional tool for pole climbing, which is mainly composed of movable hook, foot disk, top buckle, buckle belt and non-slip rubber mat. Our lineman climbers are fabricated with high-strength seamless tube and processed by heat treatment, and featured as...Read More

  • Adjustable Concrete Pole Climbing

    Adjustable Concrete Pole Climbing

    Use method of concrete pole climbing: 1. Select climbers of matched size with pole, and check whether the climbers are deformed, welds are open and moving parts are flexible and reliable prior to use. 2. Check whether rubber is broken, fallen off or seriously worn when rubber...Read More

  • Fixed Wooden Pole Climbers

    Fixed Wooden Pole Climbers

    Fixed wooden pole climbers Precautions for use *Self-inspection: Carefully check each pair of climbers is attached with permanent mark (including name, model, manufacturer name and batch number etc.), and quality certificate is contained in the packaging case prior to use....Read More

  • High Strength Adjustable Pole Climber

    High Strength Adjustable Pole Climber

    High Strength Adjustable pole climber Precautions for climbing 1. Pole operator should use the qualified climbers clearly marked with manufacturer label. Static load test (1176N, 120kg) should be performed regularly as required, and the test certificate be attached in a...Read More

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