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What Is The Pole Climber?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Boarding buckle is generally made of high-strength seamless pipe, after heat treatment, with a very light weight, high strength, good toughness characteristics; for boarding buckle, because of its use requirements, attention should be paid to maintaining a more prominent adjustable performance, light and flexible features; because of its use environment, must be guaranteed The product is safe, reliable and easy to carry.

When it comes to climbing pole, it is an ideal tool for electricians to climb different specifications of cement poles or wooden poles. For the expansion of the cement rod, the double safety belts are made of high-quality precision materials, which have the above points, but when it is used in practice, there are some matters needing our attention.

Before putting them into use, we should pay attention to carefully check whether each putting button has a permanent sign (including name, model, factory name, batch number, etc.), and see if there is a product certificate in the packing box. In actual use, that is to say, it is necessary to carry out regular experiments, the experimental standards are in accordance with the relevant national standards.

The test includes: the static tension of the buckle test should be kept at 1176N, the test time should be 5 minutes, the test cycle should be once every six months, and the appearance inspection cycle should be once a month. When it comes to storage, it should be kept in dry, ventilated and non corrosive places. And in terms of this product, it will be designed and produced according to national standards.

Finally, when it comes to the use of pole-climbing buckles, the safety rope must be checked before it is used. It should be stopped immediately after it is found to be damaged. When it is worn, the movable clip should be fastened tightly so as not to touch open flame or chemical substances. The safety rope on the buckle should be kept clean regularly, properly stored after use, and cleaned with warm water and soapy water after dirty and dried in the shade.

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