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What Functions Should A High Voltage Electroscope Have?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

1. Quickly judge whether the DC is grounded. Place the high-voltage electroscope on the ground and directly contact the positive and negative poles of the DC system. If the neon bubbles of the pen are not bright, it means that there is no grounding. If the neon bubbles are bright, it means that there is a grounding phenomenon.

2. Low-voltage nuclear phase can be carried out, mainly used to measure the line between the wire and the wire is the same or different, the operator needs to stand on and the earth completely insulated above the object, hands each holding a test pen, and then to test the wire to be tested, if both pens are bright at the same time Then, it means that the two wires are different. If not, it means the same.

3. Effective judgment of DC positive and negative poles, the high-voltage electroscope connected to the DC circuit, neon bubble shiny side is the negative pole, and not shiny side is the positive pole.

4. To make a quick judgment of direct current and alternating current, if the neon bubbles of the high-voltage electroscope shine on both sides, it means alternating current. If the neon bubbles only shine on one side, it means direct current.

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