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Two Different Types Of High Voltage Electroscope
- Sep 10, 2018 -

For the relevant knowledge of high-voltage electroscope, Xiaobian has been introduced to you before a lot of, in fact, high-voltage electroscope is specially used for testing, mainly to detect the cable line, high-voltage overhead lines and high-voltage power equipment are charged. Because the types of high-voltage electroscope are different, so the use will certainly be different, today's edition focuses on two types of high-voltage electroscope:

1. Light-emitting high-voltage electroscope, the main components of light-emitting high-voltage electroscope can be divided into: fastening screw, grip handle, metal probe, retaining ring, neon tube and neon tube window;

2. Acousto-optic high-voltage electroscope, which is widely used in bar-shaped telescopic high-voltage electroscope, and bar-shaped telescopic high-voltage electroscope can be developed on the basis of absorbing the advantages of different domestic electroscope according to the requirements of relevant national electrical departments. The main advantage of a double-display electroscope is that it is very sensitive to noise and sunlight. It can be used normally during the day and at night. It is also very strong in anti-interference performance, and the rod-shaped telescopic high-voltage electroscope is also equipped with overvoltage inside. Its temperature can be compensated automatically, and it has the function of self-test for all circuits. There are also electronic automatic switches in the circuit. The circuit also uses integrated circuit shielding to ensure safe and reliable operation in the case of high voltage and strong electric field. When alarming, it will emit a little dangerous, please keep away from the sound, effectively avoiding the operator because of the wrong operation, resulting in personal injury accidents.

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