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The Principle Of High Voltage Grounding Wire In The Purchase
- Sep 10, 2018 -

At present, the use of high-voltage grounding wire in the market is indispensable, can be caused by leakage of static electricity directly into the ground, effectively protecting the human body from injury, we choose high-voltage grounding wire, there are three principles must be observed.

First of all, quality: when we choose high-voltage grounding wire, we must not covet cheap, we must choose high-voltage grounding wire with better quality. Although the price of many grounding wire in the market is much cheaper, but its quality is very unqualified, so it can not play a major role in the use process.

Secondly, the environment: before choosing high-voltage grounding wire, we should first consider what kind of environment it is mainly used in, because different environment configuration of high-voltage grounding wire will be different.

Finally, the relevant tools: after the purchase of high-voltage grounding wire, should choose the relevant tools, so as to effectively ensure the use of their own safety performance.

Because the high-voltage grounding wire is mainly used in the construction of substation and line A, in order to prevent the nearby electrified body from static electricity and causing personal injury, and the high-voltage grounding wire can directly lead the charge into the earth, to play a certain protective role for operators.

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