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Suspension Point On High Voltage Grounding Wire
- Sep 10, 2018 -

About the high-voltage grounding wire will also be called three-phase short-circuit grounding wire, because of this design and use, in the maintenance of equipment, we should pay attention to its own staff will also appear very reliable, safe. But when the unexpected current occurs, if there is no protection of high voltage grounding wire, it will cause very serious electric shock accident.

For high-voltage grounding wire suspension points, such as some grounding points, the application of high-voltage grounding wire clamp or special copper rod for grounding connection; when the high-voltage grounding rod has no fixed grounding point can be used, it should also use temporary grounding point, grounding electrode buried depth should not be less than 0.6 M. When the number of broken stock is checked, the insulation layer of the conductor must be stripped and carried out under strand stranding.

There is no crack and wrinkle in the protective layer of high-voltage grounding wire. The number of damaged wire strands should not exceed 1% when the conductor is disintegrated and checked. In actual use, we should pay attention to this three-phase short-circuit grounding or three-phase grounding alone will also be very reliable, which is why the high-voltage grounding wire is the most effective measure to protect workers from injury.

The high voltage grounding wire should be kept properly. Every time before use, should be carefully checked whether it is intact, soft copper wire is not exposed, nuts do not loose, otherwise can not be used. If three-phase grounding is adopted, in the neutral non-direct grounding system, when the "single-phase power supply intrudes", the protection action does not move, the power supply is not cut off, so that the operator suffers from the dangerous voltage and arc caused by unexpected calls.

When the high voltage grounding wire is in use, it should be noted that one end of the multi-stranded soft conductor is fixed on the test accessories, the length of the test accessories is 100 mm, the length of the multi-stranded soft conductor is 1000 mm, and the lower end of the multi-stranded soft conductor is connected to a vertical guide vane 5. At this time, the load should be suspended 7, and the load should be cut according to each wire. When the ratio of `mm ^ 2') 50g is applied, the duration of the experiment should not be less than 5 seconds per week and 1000 times per week.

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