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Several Requirements For Maintaining High Voltage Electroscope
- Sep 10, 2018 -

High-voltage electroscopes are mainly sound and light instructions made by integrated circuits, so they are not only reliable but also very stable in performance. They also have the functions of full circuit self-test and strong anti-interference.

1. Before we use it, we should conduct a self-test. The main method is to press and hold the button of the self-test. If the indicator light is intermittent, and an intermittent alarm sounds, then the high-voltage electroscope is normal.

Second, if it is to inspect the electricity above 10kv, the operator must wear the corresponding insulated gloves and ensure a certain safety distance between the equipment and the charged equipment.

3. In the process of operation, the operator must hold the lowermost side of the insulating rod by hand to ensure the effective use length of the insulating rod. First, the electric power is checked on the charged equipment, and the performance of the electroscope is in good condition. use.

Fourth, the pressure test for the electrical insulation of the electroscope should be carried out regularly. If it is a relatively humid place, it should be carried out once every three months. If it is a relatively dry place, it should be once every six months.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use high-voltage electroscopes, whether it is rainy or five days.

6. The high-voltage electroscope should be ventilated and dried in an environment that does not contain corrosive gases.

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