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Four-point Function Of High-voltage Electroscope
- Sep 10, 2018 -

When it comes to high-voltage electroscopes, we should all know that it is mainly for the detection of whether there is a live line of high-voltage overhead line cables and high-voltage electrical equipment, and if we use a 10kv high-voltage electroscope:

1. Check whether the high-voltage electroscope and the line under test are consistent in voltage;

2. Check the integrity of the high-voltage electroscope;

Third, in the inspection of electricity, you must wear insulated gloves, the hand should also be held under the cover ring, if it is outdoors, you need to wear insulated boots;

4. After that, the detected line can be inspected. The detection process should be slowly approached to the device until it touches the conductive part of the contact. If there is no sound or bright display in the whole process. , you can finally judge that there is no electricity; on the contrary, it means a little.

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