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Five Ways To Use The Pole Climber Correctly
- Sep 10, 2018 -

1. Check the poles accordingly, such as cracks and scratches, as well as the entire tilt of the pole, and then select the final position of the pole.

2, before the official climbing, it is necessary to carry out the impact test of the human body on the boarding buckle, mainly whether there is damage and deformation of the foot stick. Before the pole is put up, it is necessary to fasten the belt on the tripod buckle. During the whole process of the pole, the size of the buckle should be adjusted according to the thickness of the pole.

3. Before using the poles, select the buckles according to the specifications of the poles, check the base metal and welds of the metal, and visually check whether there are deformations and cracks; also the integrity of the belt, whether there is mold The phenomenon of change; whether the connection of small claws is firm, whether the movement is flexible, and whether the rubber anti-slip block is good enough, whether there is damage or not, once it is found that cracks and corrosion are absolutely unusable.

4. According to the different habits of the individual, wear the safety buckle and put the buckle of the left foot directly on the appropriate position of the pole, while the buckle of the right foot should be placed slightly higher than the left foot. Then, hold the seat belt with both hands. At this time, the buttocks need to lean backwards, while the left and left hands need to force and climb up at the same time, then change the right foot up, the right hand will hold the pole, and then the hips will lean backwards. At the same time, force up and climb, repeat the above actions to go on the pole.

5. After reaching the position of the operation, you can use the left hand to hold the pole, the feet can be crossed to tighten the buckle, and then use the right hand to directly hook the insurance hook to the back of the pole and directly deliver it to the left hand to control At this time, you need to hold the pole with your right hand, and then change the left hand to hook the hook directly on the belt, and finally lock the insurance device directly.

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