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Do You Want To Know How To Use The Grounding Wire Accurately?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

There are mainly two ways, one is split phase and the other is combined. Specifically, we should let the staff of the safety electricity equipment tell us all about it. I hope you can use various ways to make people more intuitive to understand, can be more assured to use.

First of all, he is to grouping the grounding wire, the operation is also grouping, first from the power test to confirm the power cut, and then the grounding wire card to fix him to the ground electrode above, and then in the selection of the rod to hang the wire end to the line.

Then there is the combination, because the voltage is different, so the combination of the way and the number of wires and the length of the wire is not the same, when we operate the same time to first check the electricity when it is sure that there is no electricity after the grounding end of the wire card to be fixed to the ground electrode, and then in accordance with the different voltage for the relevant operation. Do.

Of course, we should pay attention to the relevant warning, if the home line is not grounded then it is best to install a leakage protection device on the bus. Of course, we also need to often check the leakage protection device, when we choose to buy leakage protection device with the home voltage has been to prevent accidents.

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