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What factors will affect the normal use of the high voltage ground wire
- Sep 10, 2018 -

1. At the two ends of the working section of the high-voltage grounding line, or the branch line that may be charged, in the actual working process, the possibility of reversing power and induction electricity is often ignored, and the impact is also affected. More serious,

2. When grounding piles, it is best to use a surface with relatively strong viscosity, more organic matter, and a relatively moist surface. It is best to avoid loose, backfill, hard, weathered and dry geological surface. The main purpose is to reduce the loop resistance of the contact resistance and the resistance of the soil, and to effectively and quickly eliminate the accident of large current, and it is better to ensure the quality of the grounding.

3, to protect the high-voltage grounding wire, the high-voltage grounding wire can not be twisted during use. When not in use, it should be wound on the soft copper wire reel, and when it is disassembled It is not possible to carry it directly in the sky, it should be transmitted by rope, and the whole cleanliness of the high-voltage grounding wire can prevent the inclusion of debris and sediment into the pores of the equipment, which will directly affect the high-voltage grounding. The parts of the line are used.

4. It is not allowed to directly hang the high-voltage grounding wire on the metal pipe. This will cause the grounding resistance to be unstable, and the resistance will be too high. Basically, it will not meet the requirements, and it may also cause the metal pipe. It is energized and brings personal injury to the operator.

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