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What do we need to know when we measure the ground wire?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

A proper grounding is very important in the whole operation. Of course, the quality of this grounding is not what we can say, because the safety of electrical equipment grounding wire his appearance may not show anything, but in fact he may be a problem, so we have to measure him, so when we measure what we have to consider?

If we use metal tools, then we have to consider the standards we use. Because in general we use a multimeter to measure the blockade, in addition, if there are many signals to interfere with the safety of our electrical equipment ground wire, then we use a multimeter to measure the results are not very reliable. If the resistance is very small, we need to see whether the tester itself has resistance.

Because when the resistance is relatively large, it is a test for the dissipative grounding. Because in this case, we often use a professional high resistance meter. This can greatly reduce the impact of noise. Because the voltage tested is relatively small, the dissipative material and voltage may be nonlinear.

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