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Use and maintenance of high voltage grounding sticks
- Dec 28, 2018 -

Before using the portable short-circuit grounding wire for high voltage grounding sticks, it is necessary to confirm the power failure by prior verification. After confirming that there is no voltage on the equipment, it is necessary to connect the grounding clamp to the grounding grid or flat iron before use. Then, use the grounding rod to tighten the wire end wire to the device wire.

The short-circuit grounding wire installed in the high voltage grounding stick, and the distance from the live equipment, taking into account the influence of the grounding wire pendulum, its safety distance should not be less than the new value specified in the "Electric Safety Working Regulations". It is strictly forbidden to short-circuit the ground by winding without using a wire clamp.

The high voltage grounding stick should be kept in a safe place. Before each use, it should be carefully checked whether it is in good condition, the soft copper wire is not exposed, and the nut is not loose, otherwise it should not be used. Each inspection is carried out every five years during the inspection, and the inspection items are inspected with the factory. After passing the short circuit, the portable short-circuit grounding wire that has passed the test shall be judged according to the magnitude of the short-circuit current and the appearance test, and shall generally be scrapped.

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