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The taboo of high voltage grounding wire should pay more attention
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Although the high-voltage grounding wire is easy to use, but after all it is an electrical equipment, in the use of hungry, there are some taboos that need our special attention. For example, the high-voltage grounding wire itself is to pay attention to the phenomenon that can not break, then it is also inevitable that can not occur winding grounding, the selection of high-voltage grounding wire, we must pay attention to the selection of corresponding specifications can be used.

High voltage grounding wire is also a temporary grounding device. Compared with fixed grounding wire, high voltage grounding wire is more convenient to use and flexible in grounding point. It also has higher safety and reliability performance. The fastening screws for the special clamp on the high voltage grounding wire must be tightened.

When driving a grounding pile, that is to say, we must pay attention to the need to dial the earth body can quickly dredge the large current on the accident, to ensure the quality of grounding. It is strictly forbidden to use other metal wires instead of grounding wires. Furthermore, as far as the grounding wire is concerned, it is important to note that multiple soft copper wires must be used, and that the cross-sectional area should be greater than 25 square millimeters.

We must take good care of the high voltage grounding wire. Grounding wire in the use of time can not twist flowers, when not used should be soft copper wire coil good, grounding wire in the removal, can not be dropped from the air or thrown anywhere, and then in the use of time, that is, must pay attention to the use of rope transmission, pay attention to the cleaning of grounding wire. Grounding wire is mainly used in substations, towers and other operations, to bring great security to the operators.

As mentioned above, when using high voltage grounding wire correctly and clearly, we should always keep a clear mind when working, so as to keep away from danger. With a relatively rich knowledge of the use of high-voltage grounding wire, of course, is essential, but to have a sense of self-safety will be more precious.

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