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The role of 10kv High Voltage Grounding Wire and its use essentials
- Nov 10, 2018 -

The 10kv High Voltage Grounding Wire is an indispensable safety tool for electrical work. It is easy to carry and can be used flexibly in the field, so it is also called a portable short-circuit grounding wire. At the same time, the 10kv High Voltage Grounding Wire is also a safety barrier for the maintenance personnel to prevent sudden calls to the human body.


In actual work, since the 10kv High Voltage Grounding Wire is an important electrical safety technical measure, its operation process should be serious, conscientious, and meet the requirements of technical specifications. It should not be sloppy, consciously cultivate rigorous safety work style and improve its own safety quality. It is necessary to avoid dangers of thousands of miles to avoid electrical accidents caused by grounding wires.


Under normal circumstances, the 10kv High Voltage Grounding Wire should be carefully checked before use. The soft plastic copper wire should be bare, broken, and the nut should not be loose. Otherwise, it should not be used. The 10kv High Voltage Grounding Wire must not fall anywhere, pay attention to clean and hygienic work, prevent sediment and dirt from entering the pores of the product, thus affecting normal use. Also, the grounding wire after being subjected to the short-circuit current should be judged according to the magnitude of the short-circuit current and the appearance test, and should generally be scrapped.http://www.wxaqyd.com/

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