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The role and structural characteristics of the FRP insulated telescopic fence
- Jan 30, 2019 -

The telescopic safety fence is a new type of safety fence that acts as a safety alert and maintenance product. It has the characteristics of good tensile strength, no fear of wear and anti-aging, and can be flexibly stretched, randomly spaced and separated, and connected infinitely. The telescopic safety fence uses two or more vaulted vertical frame as the main bearing frame.


Due to the reasonable structural design, the telescopic safety fence includes a retractable multi-section movable frame body. The guardrail has a simple structure, the components are firmly connected and flexible, easy to telescopic, and the appearance is beautiful and reliable. That is to say, it is a multi-section active frame body which is continuously combined based on a single-section active frame.


The main structural feature of the telescopic safety fence is that the single-section movable frame is composed of two sets of parallel quadrilateral link frames which are supported by a set of four-bar linkages. A lining-type chute groove is symmetrically arranged on each of the two opposite vertical rods of the vertical frame.

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