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The performance and advantages of iron's security mesh fencing
- Feb 06, 2019 -

The safety mesh fence of the iron is made of a thin iron wire and welded by a large welding machine to form a barbed wire fence with beautiful appearance and high protection performance. Due to its excellent features, it is widely used in the protection of highways, railways, airports, stadiums, prisons, breeding, orchard protection.


After the molding, special safety treatment of the iron mesh fence is required, which can significantly improve the performance and last longer. The surface treatment mainly adopts anti-corrosion treatment such as galvanizing, dip-coating and spray coating, which makes the product have good anti-aging, anti-sun and anti-corrosion characteristics. The safety performance coefficient is high, the anti-climbing ability is good, and the mesh connection mode is connected by galvanized anti-theft screws, which effectively prevents artificial destructive disassembly, and the four lateral bending ribs increase the strength of the mesh surface significantly.


In general, the safety mesh fence of iron has the advantages of being beautiful and practical, convenient for transportation and simple to install, which has the unique aesthetic effect of this product, and the surface can be dip-coated with various colors, columns and mesh. The combination of different colors is even more pleasing.

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