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The grounding wire is actually the line connecting the earth
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Simply put, the grounding wire is actually the line used to connect the earth, so it can also be called a safe circuit line. If there is danger, the grounding wire can directly convert the high voltage to the earth, or it can be counted as a Lifeline!

Because the electrical equipment of the home is not very good in the performance of the insulation itself, or because the environment used is relatively humid, the outer casing will have a certain static electricity, and in serious cases, an accident will occur due to electric shock. In order to effectively avoid such accidents, we can directly connect the upper wire to the electrical metal casing, and then connect one end of the wire to the earth. When the electrical appliance leaks, the grounding wire can electrostatically Bring it directly into the earth and release it completely. Also for electrical maintenance personnel, when they are soldering the soldering iron, many times the electric soldering iron itself is charged, and the integrated circuit of the electric appliance is directly broken down or damaged, so the use of the grounding wire is still important.

Many friends who use computers are also often forgotten to ground the mainframe, so it is very dangerous when the fault occurs, and after the grounding treatment, it can prevent the computer from crashing to a large extent. In the power system, the use of the grounding wire is also very important, mainly in the case of equipment that has been stopped, and when an accident occurs on the line, the worker can be protected, so the grounding line of the power system is under pressure. Important tool.

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