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The composition and purchase point of universal Universal earth ground wire
- Nov 15, 2018 -

The universal-type substation grounding wire is mainly composed of an insulated operating rod and a wire clamp, and belongs to a temporary grounding device. Compared with the fixed grounding wire, the universal powering grounding wire is more convenient to use, the grounding point is more flexible, and the safety and reliability are higher. In the case of power equipment maintenance and inspection of electrical equipment and power lines, it can prevent sudden calls and inductions from attacking the remaining charge, ensuring the safety of the operators during operation.


When purchasing a universal-type substation grounding wire, you need to pay attention: the selection of the high-voltage grounding wire is usually determined by reference to the voltage level and the use environment. The different voltage levels and the specific configuration in the use environment are completely different. Therefore, the user must determine the accurate use voltage and the specific use environment when purchasing.


It is recommended to provide this information when purchasing the universal-type substation grounding wire: the voltage used, the length of the grounding bar, the style of the charging clip, the diameter of the grounding soft copper wire, the length of the short-circuit wire and the grounding wire, and the Grounding method, etc.http://www.wxaqyd.com/

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