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Telescopic mobile fence types and use requirements
- Jan 23, 2019 -

The mobile outdoor safety fence is mainly used to limit and prevent activities within a specific range of the power station, so that the purpose of eliminating and reducing safety hazards can be achieved, and the safety fence has a fence, a fence, a warning tape, etc. depending on the place of use. kind. The appearance of the safety fence is made of light red and white nylon rope, which is generally used with a bracket.

Mobile outdoor safety fences can be divided into soft fences and hard fences. The fences are divided into ordinary polypropylene high-strength screens and polyester fences. Ordinary fences are calculated in meters, generally 1 meter high, the length of the customer is determined. More than one meter can also be customized. Ordinary fence (wire rope diameter 3.5mm), polyester fence. The fence is generally equipped with a bracket.

The mobile outdoor safety fence is usually equipped with a bracket about 2 meters, but it can be longer, but it is better not to exceed 5 meters. The brackets for the safety fence are divided into pier type (flange), umbrella type, fork type, and ground pile. Stainless steel umbrella stand, LG-S-26*1200mm Easy to use, the small umbrella below can be contracted.


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