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Structural requirements and circuit design of High voltage Short circuit ground wire
- Oct 12, 2018 -

The tower foundation in the High voltage Short circuit ground wire is a very important part of its transmission line structure. Its cost, labor consumption and construction period account for a large proportion of the entire line of the project. Its construction period accounts for about half of the entire construction period. The transportation volume accounts for about 60% of the entire project, and the cost accounts for about 20% to 35% of the entire project. The quality of the basic selection, design and construction directly affects the construction of the line project.


The High voltage Short circuit ground wire will be effective according to the actual geological conditions of the project. It is more important to optimize the design of each base tower according to the force of each base tower. To a certain extent, especially for the bearing towers that affect the construction cost, to a certain extent It is economically reasonable to mainly refine the four legs into two pressures or two pressures.


The path selection and survey of the High voltage Short circuit ground wire is the key in the whole line design. The rationality of the scheme during operation is very important to the economic and technical indications and construction and operation conditions of the line, in order to make it reasonable. Shorten the path length, reduce the investment of the line and ensure the safety and reliability of the line, and the operation is convenient. One line sometimes needs to walk 3 to 5 miles to determine the best solution, so the line survey work is the designer's business level, patience and responsibility. Comprehensive test.


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