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Steel tubular telescopic fence Processing quality considerations
- Jan 28, 2019 -

The processing procedures for the temporary safety fence of steel pipes are mainly: construction preparation, stakeout, blanking, welding installation, grinding, weld inspection, and finally polishing. Some details need to be noted during the processing to ensure the final processing quality. If the machining size exceeds the allowable deviation, such as the length, width, width, thickness of the weld, centerline deviation, bending and other deviations, the relative position and size of the welded part should be strictly controlled, and the qualified rear welding should be carried out carefully.


Secondly, in the process of processing the temporary safety fence of steel pipe, in order to avoid cracks, suitable welding process parameters and welding procedures should be selected to avoid large currents. Do not suddenly extinguish the flame. The weld joints should be overlapped by 10~15mm. Move and strike the weldment.


In addition, during the processing, the surface of the temporary safety guardrail of the steel pipe should be smooth and flat without stomata. Therefore, the welding part must be cleaned, the appropriate welding current is selected during the welding process, the welding speed is lowered, and the gas in the molten pool is completely escaped.

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