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Precautions for the use of High Voltage Electrical Testing Transformer
- Dec 07, 2018 -

When testing with a fixed high-voltage acousto-optic electroscope, it is necessary to wear the insulated gloves that meet the requirements for safety; it must not be tested by one person alone, and must be monitored by the side; when testing, the human body and the charged body should maintain a sufficient safety distance, 10kV The safety distance of high pressure is 0.7 m or more; when used outdoors, the weather must be good. In the weather with heavy rain, snow, fog and humidity, the type of ordinary insulating rod should not be used to prevent danger.

Before the fixed high-voltage acousto-optic electroscope is used, the insulating rod should be stretched to the specified length according to the voltage level of the tested equipment. The appropriate type of indicator and insulating rod should be selected, and the indicator should be inspected and put into use. Sound and light testers must be qualified for electrical testing.

The inspection of the line by the fixed high-voltage acousto-optic electroscope should be carried out phase by step. When checking the circuit breaker or isolating switch or other maintenance equipment for communication, the phases should be inspected separately on both sides of the inlet and outlet lines. When the multi-layer power line erected on the same tower is tested, the low voltage and the post-test high voltage are a priori, and the lower layer and the apostate upper layer are a priori.

After the fixed high-voltage acousto-optic electroscope is used, the surface dust should be wiped clean and stored in a dry and ventilated place to protect it from moisture before the shrinking insulation rod and the slewing indicator are removed. The slewing indicator should be kept in a safe place, and it must not be strongly vibrated or impacted, nor allowed to adjust and disassemble.


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