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Pole climber features and precautions for use
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The lever is actually leveraged. With the weight of the human body, the other side is fastened to the pole, which generates a large friction, which makes it easy for people to climb. When lifting the foot, it will be affected by the foot. When the gravity is reduced, the buckle will automatically release. The tripod is a climbing safety tool for power system use, and can also be used in industries such as post and telecommunications and broadcast television systems.

Features of the pole buckle features:

As mentioned above, when the lever is used, the adjustment is more flexible, the operation is also light, and it is safe, reliable, and stable in quality; it is formed by cold-rolled steel sheet stamping and has a series of high-strength elastic force. The quality is lighter.

Pay attention to the following when using the pole buckle:

The size of the pole of the pole should be compatible with the diameter of the pole. Before use, please check to see if the buckle has been deformed. Check whether the welding is open and the movement is flexible. The buckles should be complete, acquainted, and free from cracks. If the buckles are broken and damaged, do not use ropes or wires. When the positioning on the pole is not fixed, the two feet should be buckled to each other. Together, to keep your body balanced and then work.

The operator on the pole should use the qualified striker and the manufacturer's sign should be clear. Static load test shall be carried out regularly according to the requirements of the regulations. The test certificate shall be attached to the eye-catching position on the back of the pedal pedal. Before use, it must be checked to ensure that it is within the valid period of the certificate. It is strictly prohibited to use it beyond the validity period.

The model of the poles of the poles is adapted to the diameter of the on-site poles. Before the official landing, it is necessary to pay attention to the test at the root of the poles to judge whether the buckles are deformed or damaged. When using the poles in special weather, anti-skid measures should be taken. When the pole is used, it is strictly forbidden to throw it from the height and throw the buckle; when using the buckle to climb the tower, the seat belt should be used for the whole process protection.

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