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Material and characteristics of each component of the 110KVHigh Voltage Ground Wire Set
- Nov 08, 2018 -

The 110KVHigh Voltage Ground Wire Set is composed of a wire end clamp, a phase split short wire, a busbar, a grounding main wire, a wiring nose, a grounding terminal, a temporary grounding pole, and a grounding operation bar. Its wire end and ground end clamps are made of high quality aluminum alloy die-casting, and the matching fastener metal is nickel or galvanized.


The grounding operation bar in the 110KVHigh Voltage Ground Wire Set is made of epoxy resin and glass fiber with excellent insulation performance and mechanical strength. At the same time, the operating handle is equipped with a silicone rubber sheath, and the insulation is safer and more reliable. The short-circuit line and theHigh Voltage Ground Wire Set are twisted by a plurality of high-quality soft copper wires, and the outer covering and high-temperature resistant insulating sheath can prevent the wear of the grounded copper wire during use and ensure the safety of the operator during operation.


The wiring nose and the connecting tube of the 110KVHigh Voltage Ground Wire Set and the grounding copper wire and the outer sheath adopt a new crimping process. The soft connection can effectively prevent the copper wire from breaking at the joint at the time of use, and the reliability and service life of theHigh Voltage Ground Wire Set. When the 110KVHigh Voltage Ground Wire Set is connected to theHigh Voltage Ground Wire Set, connect the grounding clamp first, and then connect the electrical clamp. When removing theHigh Voltage Ground Wire Set, you must first remove the electrical clamp according to the procedure, and then remove the grounding clamp.http://www.wxaqyd.com/

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