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Introduction to the basic information of the high voltage insulated telescopic hot stick
- Jan 08, 2019 -

The use of a combined insulated operating rod is very common in life, and it is a tool with an end fitting made of an insulating tube or an insulating rod. It is convenient for people to use, but also durable. The part of the combined insulated operating rod is made of epoxy resin, which is not used when it is used.


Combined insulated operating rods are typically used as a tool for operating live equipment for short periods of time, such as when the high voltage disconnector is disconnected. Moreover, the combined insulated operating rod is installed in sections and is relatively convenient to carry.


Combined insulated operating rods can be divided into two categories according to the composition of the structure, one is interface type, the other is interface rainproof; the interface type high-pressure operating rod is mainly made of chrome-plated connecting buckle rivets, and glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin The pole and the like are composed of the four parts of the rivet, the insulator, the chrome-plated connecting buckle and the FRP epoxy rod. The design is very simple and light in appearance.


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