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How to keep the ground wire in the house
- Sep 10, 2018 -

When storing the grounding wire in the house, it should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment to avoid the insulation performance due to moisture. Before using the grounding wire, you need to carefully check the integrity of it. Soft The copper wire should not be exposed, or the phenomenon of broken ends, and whether the nut is loose or not. Otherwise, it cannot be used directly. It is also necessary to ensure that the grounding wire in the house is clean and tidy. Rangling, ensuring cleanliness in the working environment, preventing dirt and sediment from entering the pores of the product, affecting the daily use of the entire grounding wire.

The grounding wire inside the house can also be called a high-voltage grounding wire, or a portable short-circuited grounding wire, a busbar-type grounding wire, a flat-edged spiral grounding bar, an indoor high-voltage grounding bar, and a hand-held grounding bar. Among them, the high-voltage grounding rod and the indoor grounding rod are specially used for maintenance and repair, and can effectively ensure the safety of the staff. The grounding wire in the house is normally a flat-shaped spiral grounding wire, or Hand-held ground wire.

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