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How does high voltage electroscope achieve electroscope?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Many friends still want to know how the high-voltage test is realized, the first one we should be able to think of, certainly through the electroscope. There should be no doubt about this. The rest of us will be from two aspects. One is the step of examining electricity, the other is the method.

In the high voltage test, we have two people, one is responsible for monitoring, the other to operate, the operator must wear insulated gloves, wear insulated shoes. Check the electroscope on the equipment with electricity now. If we want to test the electricity outside the rain, we can't use a general electroscope or an insulating rod. In the test of electricity, we must use the test qualified and in the validity of the electroscope, prohibit the mixed use of electroscope. The two sides of the power failure equipment and the place where the short circuit is grounded should be inspected separately. In order to test the multi-layer route, a priori low pressure is needed to check the high voltage.

If the electroscope clearly emits light, it means that its voltage is not more than 25% of the rated voltage, as long as the electroscope is close to the charged body he will emit a light alarm. In the outdoor electricity test, to use insulated rod electricity test, can only see whether he has sparks or discharging sound, then judge whether the equipment has electricity, but this is not intuitive and difficult. Insulated tie rods should be used to hook the conductor during the test, so that even if there is electricity, there will be no spark and discharge conductor friction back and forth. We should slowly move closer to the device until we reach the conductive position. In this process, if there is no sound and light, it can be judged that there is no electricity, otherwise it is charged.

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