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High Voltage Ground Rod with Ground Wire segmentation search and inspection requirements
- Oct 17, 2018 -

When theHigh Voltage Ground Rod with Ground Wire of the overhead line needs to find the grounding point when performing the operation, the personnel can be arranged to carry out a comprehensive inspection along the line. However, when searching for the grounding point for the longer overhead transmission line, the preferred method can be used, firstly, the length of the line is required. The tensile rods at 1/2 are segmented, and the three-phase drainage lines of the line are separately disassembled, so that the whole line is divided into two sections, and then the insulation resistance of the three-phase conductors is separately measured by 2500V megohmmeter, and the measurement result can be determined according to the measurement result. A certain section of the line is grounded or both sections are grounded.


The High Voltage Ground Rod with Ground Wire of the overhead line will continue to be segmented and searched according to the judgment result, and then it is necessary to gradually narrow down the search range to a certain extent. When the grounding range is reduced to a certain extent, the personnel can be directly arranged for comprehensive inspection along the line, so that the saving can be saved to some extent. Time, effectively reduce the amount of labor, thereby improving work efficiency.


Overhead line High Voltage Ground Rod with Ground Wire For high-voltage transmission lines, in addition to the line protection device installed in the substation, to some extent, it will be equipped with its fault recorder, traveling wave range finder, and some are still half loaded. Wavelet range finder, etc., traveling wave and wavelet ranging device can accurately determine the grounding point position, the precision can reach 5km, and the accuracy under normal conditions can reach 1~2km. Very useful for troubleshooting lines.

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