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Grounding wire guarantees the first level of household electricity safety
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Grounding wires should be familiar to everyone. We all have grounding wires in our family. There are grounding wires in triangular sockets. But do you know which power sources are used in the home?

We can take a good look at our own home wall socket board, if there are three holes in the socket, this is to be grounded, otherwise it will pose a threat to your safety. This is the triangle socket we mentioned before. Simply put, triangle socket he needs fire wire, zero wire and ground wire, if there is no ground wire, when we insert large electrical appliances, it will be unable to ground and then there will be electric shock, leakage and other accidents.

When we buy large electrical appliances, we should choose quality assured products, after all, the electrical appliances produced by small manufacturers are not grounded, so there is no guarantee of our safety. So we check all kinds of power supplies at home. If it doesn't fit the grounding then we should get rid of it as soon as possible so that we can strangle the danger in the cradle. Whether it's checking equipment or using it in our homes, wiring is the first barrier to safe use of electricity. 

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