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Grounding requirements and installation of Grounding Discharge Stick With Wire
- Oct 18, 2018 -

TheGrounding Discharge Stick With Wire of the cabinet has a resistance standard of 4 Ω or less. It is well grounded during the production. It digs a trench with a length of 15 meters and a depth of 70 cm, and a triangular iron with a galvanized 1.5 m triangular iron in the ditch. Then all the galvanized round irons are welded together. Detecting whether the installation ground wire is qualified or not should be 70m away from the installation ground wire. After the galvanized iron is used for 70Cm, the resistance value of the ground wire with the installation ground wire is less than 4Ω. The ground wire can be used as the grounding of the distribution box. use.

Grounding requirements for distribution box for cabinet grounding wire

1. The grounding “bus bar” (grounding bar, PE row) in the box is directly connected to the power grounding or grounding system.

2. The metal box itself should be processed with a “box grounding bolt” (with PE marking). The bolt must be connected to the grounded PE row with a copper conductor or a special braiding cable.

3. The metal threading pipe connected to the box must also have a reliable electrical connection with the box (simple can be welded with galvanized round steel and flat steel).

4. The part of the electrical components in the box that must be grounded must also be connected to the PE row.

5. All the ground wires in the circuit that need to be dispensed are led out by the PE row.

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