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Force and balance requirements for Fixed wooden pole climbers
- Dec 14, 2018 -

The fixed gear pin buckle utilizes the leverage function, and to some extent, the other side is fastened to the electric pole by the weight of the human body, which generates a large friction force, thereby making it easy for people to climb, and the cause of lifting the foot The foot is subjected to reduced gravity and the buckle is automatically released. Use the self-locking phenomenon in mechanics.

If the action line of the resultant force Q acting on the main power of the object is within the friction angle, no matter how large the force is, there is always a total reaction force R balanced with the object, and the object remains stationary. The line of action of the resultant force Q is outside the friction angle, and no matter how small the force is, the object cannot be balanced. This equilibrium condition, which is independent of the magnitude of the force and related to the friction angle, is called a self-locking condition, and the phenomenon is called a self-locking phenomenon.

Fixed gear feet, also known as iron feet, are the main tools for electricians to climb poles. There are two types of buckles: one with iron teeth for the wood rods and the other with rubber for the concrete rods.



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