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Flexibility and use characteristics of Adjustable concrete pole climbing
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Adjustable cement rod with buckles in the process of inspection, the marking needs to be clear and complete, the metal base metal and welds do not need any cracks and visual inspection without visible deformation, the surface is smooth and the edges are rounded. The hook hook is flexible and reliable in the buckle body, and there is no jamming phenomenon; the safety device is reliable, and the hook hook is prevented from falling off in the buckle body.

The adjustable claws of the cement rod are firmly connected and the movement is flexible. In use, the rubber anti-slip block is firmly connected with the small claw steel plate and the hook rod, and the covering is complete without damage. The foot strap is intact, the tripping is good, no mildew, cracks or severe deformation.

The adjustable cement rod foot buckle has the advantages of light weight, high strength and good toughness; good adjustability, light and flexible; safe and reliable, convenient to carry, etc. The climbing pole with the buckle has the characteristics of high speed and simple method of boarding.


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