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Excellent process for Ground Earth Rod Earth Wire Set and line selection stage
- Oct 22, 2018 -

The Ground Earth Rod Earth Wire Set is in the electrical appliance. The grounding wire is the line that will lead to unsafe electric charge or leakage current generated by various reasons in the electrical equipment casing and other parts. The high-voltage grounding wire is used for the high-voltage grounding wire. Line and substation construction, in order to prevent the electrostatic induction of electric shock caused by the proximity of the electric body or to ensure the safety of the gate.

The short-circuit and grounding soft copper wire will effectively carry the high-voltage grounding wire by the insulated operating rod, the wire clamp, the short-circuit wire, the ground wire, the grounding terminal, the bus bar, and the grounding clamp. The process is very good in the process of production. The grounding clamp is made of high quality aluminum alloy die-casting. The operating rod is made of epoxy colored tube. It has good insulation performance, high strength, light weight, bright color, smooth appearance and grounding. The soft copper wire is made of stranded high-quality soft copper wire and covered with soft and high-temperature transparent insulating sheath to prevent the wear of the grounded copper wire during use. The copper wire meets the fatigue test requirements and ensures the operator Safe in operation.

Short-circuit and grounded soft copper wire In the process of project line selection, the designer needs to carry out full search and investigation on the above-ground, underground, under construction and proposed engineering facilities according to the actual conditions of each project. For multi-path scheme comparison, try to choose a scheme with short length, less corner, less crossover and better terrain conditions. Considering the cost of compensation and civil work, avoid trees, houses and cash crops as much as possible.http://www.wxaqyd.com/

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