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Epoxy resin safety fence selection tips
- Jan 12, 2019 -

With the penetration of epoxy resin in various industries in the society, epoxy fixed safety fences have been more and more recognized by people, and have been applied in industries such as industry, textiles, medicine, aerospace, etc. Therefore, we should be cautious when selecting the fence and its products.


Epoxy resin fixed safety fence spray, we should pay attention to the uniformity of spray and the quality of the selected paint, in addition to dip. The mesh is welded by different types of wire. The strength and diameter of the wire directly affect the quality of the mesh. The fence should be selected from the high-quality wire rod produced by the regular manufacturer.


The frame of epoxy fixed safety fence is made of angle steel and round steel, but the angle steel and round steel used in different parts of the fence should also be different; the preparation process and welding of epoxy fixed safety fence are mainly to see the technology. The skill and maneuverability between the personnel and the good production machinery, the good mesh is a good connection for each welding or assembly point.

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