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Design process and replacement requirements for telescopic High voltage telescopic electroscope
- Nov 28, 2018 -

The telescopic high-pressure acousto-optic electroscope is very advanced and reasonable in the design process. It is perfect in performance and easy to use. It is an ideal product for the current domestic power industry. It is a power plant and substation. Safety tools necessary for the industrial and mining electrical department.

The telescopic high-voltage acousto-optic electroscope uses a suitable voltage level of the electroscope and the telescopic insulating rod according to the rated voltage of the inspected equipment before use. Before the power inspection, the self-test test should be carried out on the electroscope. Pressing the self-test button to check the electric discharge indicator emits intermittent oscillation sound and light signals, it proves that the electroscope performance is intact, and the electric inspection can be performed. At this time, the telescopic insulation rod can be pulled apart. For the power inspection operation, the hand cannot pass the specified safety ring. The contact of the electroscope contact and the level of the electrified body emits intermittent sound and light signals, indicating that there is electricity. If no intermittent sound and light signal is issued, it means no electricity.

The telescopic high-pressure acousto-optic electroscope needs to replace the battery, unscrew the upper cover of the electroscope, and replace the battery. The circuit of the machine works on the electronic automatic switch, and it is continuously on standby for a long time. If there is signal input, it will be turned off. If there is no signal, it will be automatically turned off. The consumption is small, and it is not necessary to change the battery frequently. Therefore, four cells of the AG13 silver oxide battery are used, and the voltage is 6V. When the sound and light signal cannot be emitted during the self-test, the battery is replaced.http://www.wxaqyd.com/

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