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Concrete pole climber need to be kept clean and carefully inspected
- Dec 12, 2018 -

The fixed cement rod foot buckle needs to be carefully inspected before use. Check whether the parts of the foot buckle are broken or rusted. Whether the buckle belt is firm and reliable, it is found to be damaged and stopped. Before the pole is put up, the human body load impact test should be carried out on the buckle. The test method is to step on the pole and then add the weight of the whole person to the buckle on the speed of the impact. The test can be used only after the problem is correct.

Fixed cement rod foot buckles In each step of the upper and lower rods, the foot buckles must be fully inserted and the poles must be securely fastened to move the body to avoid danger. When someone goes up and down the pole, the person under the pole is not allowed to stand in order to prevent the person from falling and causing injury.

Fixed cement rods with foot buckle safety ropes often need to be kept clean. After use, they need to be properly stored. After being soiled, they can be washed with warm water and soapy water. Dry in the shade, not hot water soaked or sun-fired. After one year of use, a full inspection is carried out, and the used 1% tensile test is taken out, and the parts are not damaged or majorly deformed (the test may not be used again).


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