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Composition and classification of high voltage electroscope
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The main function of high-voltage electroscope is to detect whether the electrical equipment is electrified, the main cable lines and high-voltage overhead line detection. High-voltage electroscope can be divided into three types: 1. Acousto-optic high-voltage electroscope; 2. Light-emitting high-voltage electroscope; 3. High-voltage electromagnetic induction rotation electroscope. But often used in the first two, next we will focus on understanding these two.

1. acoustooptic type high voltage electroscope: This electroscope is a rod like and telescopic way. This bar-shaped telescopic high-voltage electroscope is manufactured according to the relevant requirements of China's electrical sector, but also appropriate absorption of some foreign production experience, and ultimately developed a sound and light can be simultaneously displayed electroscope, the advantages of this electroscope or more, first of all in the performance of the electroscope It is very sensitive, not affected by noise and sunlight, so whether it is night or day, outdoor or indoor can be used; second: anti-interference performance is very strong, because it is set in the interior of the overvoltage protection measures, temperature can be automatically compensated, but also with Full circuit self-test function; Again, this electroscope is equipped with automatic switch electronics inside, and the circuit is shielded by integrated circuits, so it can effectively ensure that the work under high voltage and strong electric field; This product can be timely warning of dangers, and will occur at the same time. Please do not approach the warning tone, so as to effectively avoid staff errors in operation can not be found in time, a good guarantee of our personal safety; finally, this electroscope is the shell of ABS engineering plastics, and the telescopic rod is made of epoxy resin glass tube; this product; The structure is integrated, so it is convenient to use or store.

2. The luminous high-voltage electroscope consists of guard ring, neon tube, grip handle, neon tube window, metal probe hook and fastening screw.

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