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Classification and use advantages of combined high-voltage Acousto-optic high voltage electroscope
- Nov 26, 2018 -

A combined high-voltage Acousto-optic high voltage electroscope is called a high-voltage electrical tester and is a portable device for detecting the presence or absence of a working voltage on an electrical device. It has the characteristics of convenient carrying, high sensitivity of electroscope, no interference from strong electric field, full circuit self-checking function and long standby time. The main types are acousto-optic high-voltage electroscope (rod telescopic electroscope, capacitance electroscope, GDY/GD/GSY high-voltage electroscope), language-type high-voltage electroscope, windmill-type electroscope, rain-proof high-voltage electroscope Wait.

Classification of combined high pressure Acousto-optic high voltage electroscope

According to the model can be divided into: GDY sound and light type, GD sound and light type, GSY sound and light type, YD language type, GDY-F rainproof type, GDY-C windmill type, GDY-S rope type, each type of electroscope There are also products for different voltage levels.

The electron transfer of the combined high-pressure Acousto-optic high voltage electroscope, the electrons on the live conductor are transferred to the electroscope. Remove the live conductor and the metal foil of the electroscope continues to open.http://www.wxaqyd.com/

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