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35KV High voltage earth wire manufacturing process and connection laying requirements
- Nov 13, 2018 -

The 35KV High voltage earth wire is mainly used for line and substation construction, and it is used to prevent static electricity from being induced by electric shock or mis-closing. It is usually composed of an insulated operating rod, a wire clamp, a short-circuit line, a grounding wire, a grounded spur, a bus clamp, and a grounding clamp.


The wire clamp and grounding clamp are made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting; the operating rod is made of epoxy resin colored tube, which has good insulation performance, high strength, light weight, bright color and smooth appearance; grounding soft copper wire adopts multiple quality The soft copper wire is twisted and covered with a soft, high temperature resistant transparent insulating sheath to prevent wear of the grounded copper wire during use. The copper wire meets the fatigue test requirements and ensures the safety of the operator during operation.


When laying 35KV High voltage earth wire connection, it should be noted that the two connecting conductors in different positions should be connected with the indoor total potential grounding terminal; then the cross-sectional area of the grounding device on the High voltage earth wire and the indoor total equipotential bonding tape, copper It should be no less than 50mm2, and the steel should be no less than 80mm2.


At the same time, the equipotential grounding terminal plate should be connected by bolts. The cross-sectional area of the connecting wires should be laid with a multi-strand copper core wire of not less than 16mm2, which should be laid through the steel pipe; this grounding wire must also be used when connecting and laying. Solder or crimped to connect the copper ground wire, and to have reliable electrical contact, the steel ground wire should also be welded.http://www.wxaqyd.com/

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