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220KV grounding wire instructions and precautions
- Nov 20, 2018 -

The 220KV grounding wire refers to a line that directly connects to the earth, also called a safety circuit line. In the process of use, when connecting the grounding wire: first connect the grounding clamp, then connect the electrical clamp; when removing the grounding wire, you must first remove the electrical clamp according to the procedure, and then remove the grounding clamp.


When installing a 220KV grounding wire, in order to form a complete grounding wire, it is necessary to fix the grounding soft copper wire on the phase-separated double-eye copper nose to the corresponding position of the charging clip on the grounding rod, and connect the single-eye copper on the grounding wire. The nose is attached to the ground clip or ground pin. Also verify that the voltage level of the grounding rod is consistent with the voltage level of the operating equipment. Grounded soft copper wire has split phase and combined type, and the grounding bar has flat mouth and double spring hook clamp.


It should be noted that the 220KV grounding wire must be inspected before work. It is good enough. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced or repaired before use. Before the grounding wire is hung, the electricity must be checked first. The untested grounding wire is a common habit of violation of the rules in the grassroots. When the suspension is ground, the grounding ball body cannot be in contact with the body.http://www.wxaqyd.com/

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