High Voltage Electroscope

  • High Voltage Telescopic Electroscope

    High Voltage Telescopic Electroscope

    High-voltage electroscope (high-voltage signal generator) on-site detection, output pure sine wave power frequency high voltage, completely replaced the previous high-voltage signal generator (high-frequency jammer), suitable for high-voltage electroscope detection in various...Read More

  • Acousto-optic High Voltage Electroscope

    Acousto-optic High Voltage Electroscope

    Acousto-optic high voltage electroscope Operating procedure: (1) Clamp the grounding lead reliably to ground rail or electrode under good condition. (2) Insert the upper plug of grounding lead reliably into the copper induction pinhole at the end of the first section of rod....Read More

  • High Voltage Electrical Testing Transformer

    High Voltage Electrical Testing Transformer

    The high-voltage electroscope signal generator is used for the detection of high-voltage electroscopes in various occasions, and can accurately judge its quality and starting voltage value. It is an indispensable safety testing equipment for field operations in the power...Read More

  • High Voltage Fiberglass Electroscope

    High Voltage Fiberglass Electroscope

    Routine test of high voltage fiberglass electroscope: * To ensure personnel and equipment safety, electrical apparatus should be subject to preventive test on a semi-annual basis according to the Safety Code of Electric Power Industry. * Visual inspection should be performed...Read More

  • Low Voltage Electroscope

    Low Voltage Electroscope

    Operating voltage range: Main technical indices *Operating temperature -25℃­­_____55℃­­; relative humidity 20%~96%, used under good weather indoors and outdoors * Operating power supply of indicator: two SR44 (A76) button batteries, static current ≤10uA, electrical test life...Read More

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